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Outdoors, Furniture, & More

Dark Wood
Dark Wood
Decks & Patios
As a small business grown in Northern New York, we have come to appreciate the beautiful change in seasons that comes with living in the region. As a result, we proudly extend to our clientele, custom exterior spaces to appreciate and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. 

Valle Vista builds a wide array of outdoor platforms, from patios to porches to decks. Using stone, concrete, lumber and other superior materials, we create comfortable exterior lounges for family and friends to breathe in the fresh, New York air. 
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Paved Walkways
As important as it is to ensure that the interior of your home is a reflection of your own unique taste and style, it is equally important for the outside of your home to express the same. 

Walkways are an excellent and cost-friendly way to dress up your home's exterior. 

Valle Vista creates beautiful paved entryways using materials such as concrete, stone, and brick, to add a personal, finishing touch to your property. 
Dark Wood
Exterior Commodities and Masonry 
On top of building patios and decking, Valle Vista further adds to the custom experience through the installation of other exterior luxuries. We specialize in the craftsmanship of built-in outdoor seating, fireplaces, kitchenettes and bars, pergolas, and covered platforms complete with electrical amenities. 

And our work doesn't end there. Valle Vista further specializes in the installation of masonry siding. Whether it be framing in a brick entryway, or adding an accent of natural stone, we ensure quality construction and added value to your home. 
Alongside of much of our built-in work, Valle Vista also designs and builds personalized furniture to compliment your home. We create a range of pieces from desks, to dining tables, to bookcases, to hutches, to coffee tables and end stands. Using wood, concrete, epoxy, and other materials, Valle Vista builds stand-alone items from scratch to add another custom flair to your home.
Custom Furniture
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