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Specialty Countertops

Dark Wood
Statement Surfaces
In searching for fresh ideas and alternative products, Valle Vista is happy to offer an innovative line of concrete and epoxy countertop products. “Artisan Concrete and Epoxy Surfaces” can enhance kitchens, bathrooms and furniture, while featuring competitive cost savings in comparison to other hard materials.

With so many achievable textures, patterns, and finishes, the options are nearly endless- whether it be granite, marble, slate, or travertine. Not only that, but our quality countertops are fully customizable to meet the needs of our customers. Our surfaces are both beautiful and functional, and can be optimized with built in features such as cutting boards or drying racks.

True to the Artisan name, just as with natural stone, each countertop is entirely unique, with no surface quite like the other. Contact Valle-Vista to see how we can turn your surface into a timeless and practical piece of art with modern concrete and epoxy techniques!
Dark Wood
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