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Custom Kitchens

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Custom Built Cabinets
It's true that our cabinets are custom built to meet our client's needs. That must make them more expensive, right? False!

Here at Valle Vista, we build our cabinets to outlast those of box store competitors, and at a valuable price. Even our standard cabinets maintain a quality 3/4", six-sided box construction- making it the sturdiest build in the industry. Furthermore, every cupboard is created with soft close doors and drawer slides, reducing the noise in your home while extending the life of your kitchen. 

Each piece is custom made to accommodate your needs; whether that be for space, storage, or organization. Our cabinets truly speak for themselves.
Standard Cabinet Features

-Solid wood doors/drawer fronts

-Solid Maple dovetail drawer boxes

-3/4" Solid wood Face frame construction

-3/4" Plywood box construction

-Blum soft close drawer slides

-Blum soft close doors

-Eco-Friendly, Water-based finishing system


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Craft Countertops
One of Valle Vista most renowned specialties is in the design, build, and installation of craft countertops.

Using a variety of materials, from epoxy to concrete, we can create unique and high quality surfaces that add to the beauty and functionality of any kitchen. 
Tile Backsplash
When it comes to the perfect finish, a good backsplash is the icing on the cake that ties a kitchen together.

Whether it be stone or tile, the proper materials will not only protect your walls from damage, but will also bring an aesthetic balance to your cooking space.

With a dedication to the details and specialized masonry, Valle Vista will provide those finishing touches to make your kitchen complete. 
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